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introduction to the children's project

"When we show our children we can listen to them, respect them, and empathise with them, they will learn to listen, respect and empathise with those around them and the world in which we live."
Helen and Clive Dorman
Helen and Clive Dorman are Directors and Co-founders of The Children's Project. Their daughter, Hannah, was born in 1993, a sensitive and active child. A close friend had worked as a psycho-social family-centred nurse, working with children therapeutically in the community, and it was she who made them aware of a child-centred approach to parenting, and some of the reasons why Hannah might be behaving the way she was. Without her support and understanding, Clive and Helen say they may well have had a very different child from the one they have now.
In 1995 they founded The Children's Project and began learning, researching and observing. They believe that by showing why babies and children behave the way they do, parents and carers will be better able to understand them and respond appropriately.
The Social Baby and The Social Toddler are examples of how The Children's Project bring the studies of academics, the experience of 'hands-on' professionals and parents together to present information in a way that is easily understood by all. They use a 'fly-on-the-wall' approach that offers personal insights into parenting and childcare, and enables the reader to relate to real everyday events.