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Around 300 nappies will be changed in your baby's first six weeks and you may get through up to 5,000 nappies before potty practice has even began! So nappy changing is going to become a big part of life from now on. To get you started, we've put together some tips for the perfect nappy change.
preparation: 1-2 minutes

The key to a fuss-free and easy nappy change lies in the preparation so make sure that you have everything to hand before you start:
- Nappies
- Nappy Sacks™
- Changing mat
- Nappy rash cream
- Baby wipes or cotton wool
- Anti-bacterial hand cleanser
- The Children's Project 'BabyShapes' picture
Place the changing mat on the floor or on a secure surface, and place the essential items close to you so that you can reach them easily. Lay your baby carefully on the changing mat.
changing time: 3-4 minutes

Remove your baby's clothes from the waist down or preferably completely. Obviously certain situations make taking all items off difficult and some babies find being fully undressed distressing so use your own judgment. Undo the tabs on the front of the nappy and fold them back into their original position to avoid them sticking to your baby's legs.
With one hand, gently hold your baby's feet together and lift her bottom clear of the nappy. Using your free hand, take the soiled nappy from under your baby, wiping the bottom as you do so with a clean part of the nappy. Always try to cleanse from the front to the back to avoid spreading germs unnecessarily.
Wrap the nappy up using the original tabs to secure it and take a sack from the easy-dispenser pack. Place the nappy in the sack and then use wipes or cotton wool with warm water to remove any remaining mess.
Take extra care to cleanse all the folds of skin, especially around a boy's scrotum where mess might get trapped. Nappy Sacks™ are specially designed to be large enough to hold all the disposable items of a nappy change, including wipes and cotton wool.
Allow the skin to dry naturally for a few seconds, this will help to prevent nappy rash and allow your baby to kick his legs without the constraints of a nappy. This is the perfect time to make use of the easy-tie handles unique to Nappy Sacks™. Apply a thin layer of nappy rash cream to help prevent any skin irritation or soreness.
presentation: 1-2 minutes

Lifting your baby gently by the legs again, slide a clean nappy under her bottom ensuring that the half with the tabs is at the back. Pull the front of the nappy up between your baby's legs and gently mould it to fit comfortably. Release the tabs on the nappy and pull the back up. Slide a finger under the waistband to check the nappy is not too tight and then fasten securely. Redress your baby and hygienically dispose of the sack in a bin.
Well done - only 4,999 nappy changes to go!
The Children's Project says…

Always bear safety in mind: Babies are very much stronger than we sometimes imagine. Changing tables/stations are popular, but you should never leave a baby unattended for even a moment as babies of even just a few days old can arch their backs, wriggle and move themselves, and may fall off the surface.
The safest place to change a baby is on the floor.
For sensitive babies who don't like to be undressed, covering baby partially with a blanket, soft towel or sheet whilst changing can make them feel less vulnerable.
Images to look at can be a helpful distraction during changing.

For more information and details of where you can purchase more shapes from The Children's Project, visit our Baby Talk section.