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first aid!

Little scrapes and knocks are an inevitable part of growing up! We've all fallen over or been ill at some time. It can be distressing when your baby becomes unwell or injured, especially if you don't know how to help.
You will no doubt find that your first aid kit grows as your baby does, but to start you off here are some handy tips…
Small Cuts and Grazes

Generally, a small cut will stop bleeding quickly and won't leave a lasting mark if you place firm pressure on the wound with a clean cloth. When the bleeding has stopped, apply an antiseptic cream and sterile dressing. You should wash the wound daily and reapply the cream to prevent any infection. For deeper cuts that won't stop bleeding, or if the wound shows signs of infection by becoming red, tender or weepy, then consult your doctor or midwife.

Keeping hot objects away from your child is an obvious way to prevent against burns and scalds. Never leave a hot iron unattended, ensure that you have radiator or fire guards fitted, and keep hot drinks and cooking utensils out of reach of small children.
Unfortunately, there is still a chance that accidents can happen. Should the unthinkable occur, it is vital to stay calm and treat the wound properly and as quickly as possible. Soak the affected area in cold water for at least 15 minutes by running it under the tap or wrapping it in a cold, wet towel. You should not use ice, butter or ointments on the burn and do not break any blisters that may form. Place a sterile dressing on the wound and call your doctor immediately for further instructions.

Newborn babies will very often get rashes and they will normally clear up by themselves or with minimal treatment. It is important to know the difference between a rash and a condition that could be the sign of something more serious or an allergy. Consult a medical book to find out how different types of rashes appear and consult a doctor or health visitor if you are in any doubt.
Coughs and Colds

The effectiveness of over-the-counter medications, particularly ones for use on coughs and colds, is a highly contested issue. Consult your pharmacist, doctor or midwife before administering any medicines to baby and always follow the exact guidelines on the label. Check the ingredients and stop using the medicine if it does not appear to be working.
To find out more about first aid visit www.sja.org.uk as found on our helpful links page or click here for a First Aid Checklist.
The Children's Project says…

Be aware of baby's development and improving abilities. What may have been out of reach one day can be baby's favourite 'toy' the next if you are not careful.

Children love to climb. It is an exciting challenge that enables them to see the world from a different perspective. However, they are also fearless and the need to climb makes them unaware of possible dangers they may encounter.

Being attentive and alert to potential danger, removing temptations and offering repeated guidance can help prevent serious injury.